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Mayor hoping to be re-elected

Wednesday, 8th August, 2012

Mayor Wincen Cuy hands his nomination to Darren Flowers who is overseeing the nominations. Mayor Wincen Cuy hands his nomination to Darren Flowers who is overseeing the nominations.

By Emily Roberts

Mayor Wincen Cuy has announced he will be running for Mayor again, as nominations close for the council elections.

Mayor Cuy yesterday said that he would be standing alone on his ticket.

"I am nominating as mayor," he said. "I am taking the same stance I took in the last election."

He said that during his time the "Council has seen significant progress".

"The community had faith in Council for the future up until January when the councillors went into election mode," he said.

Mayor Cuy said he will be standing on a platform of "strong, positive and progressive leadership".

"The city is in a good place at this stage from a few achievements by Council," he said.

"We have received a $5 million grant to finish the Regional Aquatic Centre, we now have flights to Melbourne and more flights to Sydney and Adelaide.

"Also, I think people have forgotten the detention basin in Mercury Street which is an attractive open park area."

Mayor Cuy said he wasn't running for a councillor position because he did not think he could return to that after being Mayor.

"My opposition will say 'I want the top job or nothing' but that was how I ran in the first instance," he said.

"I want to take on that responsibility. There is no disgrace in being a councillor but returning to that position after being Mayor ... I think
I will struggle with that role.

"I think we need a good strong, positive and progressive leader."

He said there had been a various issues during his term which had come under scrutiny, like the Film Studio renovation and Council's
financial position.

"(Renovating) the film studios was a unanimous decision by City Council and at the time it was the right thing to do," Mayor Cuy said.

"If I am re-elected Mayor, I will leave no stone unturned to ensure the studios are utilised and maximised.

"I have been running a business for 20 years and I built it up from a one person business to now have 45 staff."

Mayor Cuy said for the long term he had "a vision of resilience".

"In regards to the financial position, everyone has been acknowledging their concerns," he said.

"The situation was due to a multitude of things from the global financial crisis to not having a chief financial officer for eight to ten months."

This resulted in NSW Auditor coming to the city to look over council's finances.

"The Auditor came back and was pleased with the progress Council has made," Mayor Cuy said.

"I did say if things were not improved by this financial year, we would be in trouble, but they have improved."

He said his opponents have no other ammunition so they were now "scare-mongering".

"All the political grandstanding ... it's laughable," he said.

Mayor Cuy said he believed that voters would regard his 32 months in office as "positive".

Nominations close today and elections will take place on September 8.

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