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Peter Black 'deluded': MP

Monday, 3rd September, 2012

John Williams John Williams

Williams takes swipe at Black

By Erica Visser

Mayoral candidate Peter Black was "deluded" if he believed he had a good relationship with State ministers, according to local State MP John Williams.

Mr Black, who was Mr Williams' predecessor, said during a public forum on Tuesday night that many Government ministers were "personal friends" and this could help the city attract a jet airline service.

"If he thinks that the door's open for him with the current minister's office he's definitely delusional," Mr Williams said.

"I don't think he had their respect when he was in parliament, from the comments that came back to me, for many reasons, but they weren't appreciative of his behaviour.

"He made comments to a previous leader of the Opposition and they are well-remembered by these members of Coalition Government.

"And this was probably one of many examples."

Mr Williams said that Mr Black's comments about getting a new airline were misleading as the Government could not improve the service in
Broken Hill.

"The State Government has no say in bringing jet air services to Broken Hill; that's a commercial decision," he said.

Mayor Wincen Cuy, whom the Black Ticket has accused of being "arrogant" for running as an individual, said that he had no affiliations with any
political party.

"In fact, I have a good, working relationship with all Government parties. I don't have an allegiance to anybody," Mayor Cuy said.

"I have the ability to work with both sides and I don't criticise anybody.

"We all know that Peter has been very critical of the Coalition when they're in power and it's even bordering on insulting."

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