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Win for Cuy

Wednesday, 12th September, 2012

Mayor Wincen Cuy at the Council Chambers yesterday. He has vowed to make the new council work. Mayor Wincen Cuy at the Council Chambers yesterday. He has vowed to make the new council work.

By Kurtis J Eichler

Wincen Cuy has vowed to make the new Council a workable one after securing a second term as Mayor.

The Electoral Commission yesterday said it could "unofficially confirm" that Mayor Cuy had rolled former mayor and state MP Peter Black in Saturday's election.

Preference counting finished yesterday and candidates now have 24 hours to challenge the result.

Mayor Cuy won 5559 votes to Mr Black's 3682. It's tipped he'll secure an eight per cent victory over his opponent.

The 54-year-old said it was "great privilege" to serve Broken Hill as Mayor for another three years.

"It's also very good that we have a Council we can all work with," he said yesterday.

"I'm looking forward to growing Broken Hill from an economic development point of view."

The first meeting of the newly-elected Council will be on September 26.

Mayor Cuy said it was his aim to continue to bring harmony and respect to the Council Chambers and hoped it would be a workable entity.

Everything would be debated on its merit and party division would be banished, he said.

"All you've got to do is respect the position," he said. "If you respect the position each person holds in Council it can be workable."

He said he could work with Mr Black.

"I just hope Peter doesn't go down the line of being a vigorous opposition. We're all there for Broken Hill."

It was a daunting task, he said, running against Mr Black who'd served for 23 years as an alderman and a mayor.

Team Black had also fought a tough campaign, he said.

"They decided to run a campaign that was directed entirely at me and I was hopeful that the people of Broken Hill would see through that and see there had been some challenges to overcome in the last 24 months.

"We are now working towards the future."

That future will include a different Council, which he said, will probably be without Christine Adams and Ray Steer.

"Christine was a very hard working councillor and to see Christine get 126 first preference votes and not get on Council is very disappointing.

"Ray doesn't look like getting on but he's contributed valuably to the Council and I'm sure Ray will be disappointed.

"He again has pulled 126 first preference votes but due to the system we've got he didn't make it on Council."

Mayor Cuy tipped the new Council to be made up of four Labor councillors plus Mr Black, Bob Algate, Dave Gallagher and Jim Richards.

The ninth place will be taken by either Dove Howard or incumbent John Groenendijk.

The official result is expected today or tomorrow.

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