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Locals flock to Aquatic Centre

Monday, 8th October, 2012

Emma (8) and Nicholas Fisk (5) at the pool on Friday. Emma (8) and Nicholas Fisk (5) at the pool on Friday.

By Emily Roberts

The new pool is expected to receive more than 90,000 visitors in the next 12 months, which would be the highest patronage in three years.

Recently the Regional Aquatic Centre had a problem with staff shortages but that had not stopped the patrons, according to Council's Group Manager of Infrastructure, Paul DeLisio.

"Due to staff shortages there have been closures today (Friday afternoon) and Saturday afternoon," Mr DeLisio said.

"We have been having problem finding suitable and experienced staff. It is only a short term thing.

"We were low on staff due to leave and medical absences."

Mr DeLisio said the issue will be fixed by this week.

"There will be no issues and the pool will be open as normal."

He said Council did try to recruit more staff but due to the qualifications required they were not able to attract many people to the positions.

Mr DeLisio said this hasn't stopped people from attending the centre.

"The number of attendances have been growing very strongly since the upgrade," he said.

"In September, 4,500 people attended which is well ahead of what it has been. September months previously saw 1,600 attendants.

"This calendar year we expect to see 90,000 people attend the centre."

Mr DeLisio said this is "well and truly ahead of past years".

"The highest attendance we had was in 2009 when we had 66,000 people come through," he said.

"We are finding as more and more people are aware of the upgraded facility and the benefits of recreation and health, more people are attending."

Mr DeLisio said as the warmer months continue all the pool facilities will be open to the public.

"Normally some pools are closed in the cooler months.

We are progressively opening all the pools," he said.

"The 50 metre pool will be open mornings and evenings until the weather warms up and then it will be open normal hours."

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