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Last ditch pitch

Friday, 12th October, 2012

Softballers are hoping to attract some new participants to help keep the sport afloat in Broken Hill. Softballers are hoping to attract some new participants to help keep the sport afloat in Broken Hill.

By Ben Sheffield

Cheryl Meuret's ambition to play out an incredible 50th season of local softball have been thrown into doubt after just one team nominated for the season.

Softball was supposed to commence last Friday night but has been put on hold until October 19 in the hope that more teams will nominate and that the competition will get off of the ground.

"So far, only the Tigers have nominated. The Penguins, Excelsior and West Darling have all had trouble getting players together," Cheryl said.

"So if there's anyone interested in playing, we can help get you into a team; everyone's welcome," she said.

Just four years ago, there were eight teams, with a fully fledged A and B grade competition, but things are looking dire this season.

A similar scenario occurred last year, when only two teams nominated by the start of the season.

But, teams did join the season after it began and it is hoped that the same will happen this year.

The Broken Hill Softball Association has made several changes in recent years aimed at attracting players, including changing the playing schedule, reducing game time to 75 minutes and inviting baseball players to get involved, but all have proven fruitless.

The season runs through to mid December when the current school term finishes and resumes in early February, with the season concluding in March.

Games are played on Friday nights under lights at the Jubilee Oval.

Cheryl Meuret said that she desperately hopes that more players get involved.

"I don't want to just put the glove in mothballs.

"I absolutely love the game, the friendship with the girls. I've been playing with a lot of them for a long time.

Cheryl said she fears that if the season does not get underway, softball will be gone for good in Broken Hill.

"Once it stops, it won't start again, so we need to do everything we can to keep it going," she said.

Anyone wanting more information may contact Cheryl Meuret on 80876737 or Leonie Channing on 0458503306.

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