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Filmmaker chases her hometown dream

Monday, 29th October, 2012

Belinda Adams is looking for locations for her film. The ‘big chair’ may feature in the opening scene. Belinda Adams is looking for locations for her film. The ‘big chair’ may feature in the opening scene.

By Emily Roberts

The writer of a film about following your dreams is hoping to start filming next year with the local landscape as a backdrop.

Former local Belinda Adams (nee Hyde) is in the city looking for places to shoot her film "Chasing Jon".

Belinda has worked on the new movie now showing around the nation, 'Mental', starring Toni Collette and Anthony LaPaglia.

Her own film is about a country girl with aspirations who takes inspiration from her favourite band to find the courage to follow her dreams.

"I've retained strong connections and bonds with the town and many of the relationships from my school days are still standing today, which highlights the sincerity and warmth of people in 'the Hill'," Belinda said.

"It has been my dream to write and produce a feature film and to give back to a community that has given so much support to me and showcase Broken Hill and its iconic sites."

Belinda said she will be going to Menindee today to scope other locations.

"I love the landscape and fell in love with the movies that were made around here," she said.

"I think Broken Hill provides a unique backdrop and showcases the real Australia."

Belinda said she also wanted to support the city, particularly after her son was in a bad accident and people came together to help her.

"Locals got together, donated money and gave lots of support. I spent long hours at the hospital," she said.

"I knew it was scary to put yourself out there but I knew that life can be gone in a second."

Belinda said she was hoping to make the film a collaborative effort to get the community involved.

Belinda, her production partner Paige Badenoch and company 'BlushPunk Productions' also have a second script in the early draft stage.

At the Broken Hill "Summer Vibes Festival" next month Belinda's work will be on display in a short film entitled "Million Dollar Toes" in which she was
head of make-up.

She is hoping she can make it back for the screening.

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