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Gun music video explodes

Friday, 29th January, 2010

* Steve Lee's love of guns is getting worldwide attention. * Steve Lee's love of guns is getting worldwide attention.

By Stefan Delatovic

Steve Lee likes guns. Mr Lee left Broken Hill with his family a few years ago to move to Parkes so that his musical brood could be in a better position to further their country music careers.

But the man who left as the patriarch of a family band has returned as an internet star after his solo music video "I Like Guns" exploded on YouTube.

The song is, predictably, about Mr Lee's fondness of firearms. The video shows him firing a range of weapons. Most notably, he blows up a car with a rocket launcher.

In the six weeks the video has been on the video-sharing website YouTube it has been viewed over 1,300,000 times. That attention has seen Mr Lee appear on A Current Affair, in national newspapers and on a number of radio stations both here and in America. He is slated to appear on the Fox News Network next week. Along with the attention has come controversy, with people either angered or overjoyed that Mr Lee has spoken up about the joys of pulling the trigger. Mr Lee said he uploaded the video to the internet because the Country Music Channel wouldn't play it for fear of its controversial content. Before that, he was unaware of the internet's ability to garner attention.

"It took me by surprise," he said. "It was over the Christmas period when it happened and I was trying to enjoy it with my family in New York. They got pretty sick of me checking the computer." Although using the internet was unplanned, Mr Lee did foresee a market for a song about guns. "I noticed that at the last election 160,000 people voted for the Shooters' Party. I reasoned that one in ten of those people would buy an album on the subject. I saw a niche market," he said. "I Like Guns" is the title track on Mr Lee's debut album.

Produced by Bill Chambers, it includes both original songs and covers - all about guns. His family band The Lees continues and has just released a new albumof their own, "Welcome Road", but they decided "I Like Guns" was a venture Steve could keep for himself.

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