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A new spin on things

Saturday, 14th March, 2009

Cold fusions, zebras, matrix, kewijibos, shockwaves and black hops.

Confused? These are just some of the tricks that will be performed at the National Yo-Yo Championships beginning today in Adelaide.

Local Josh Tester and his friend and trainer, former local Aaron Staker, will both compete to become Australia's yo-yo king. This is the fourth time a championship has been held in Australia, with the winner to compete in the United States of America later this year for the right to be called world champion. And while to some it might seem like a bit of a laugh, to these boys it's serious stuff. "I practice for three hours per day," Josh said. He said Aaron, who is now his coach, got him hooked on yo-yos about nine months ago. "He accidentally turned up at a mate's party and did some tricks and everyone thought it was cool but I took it a bit too far and got really into it." There are three categories: regular string tricks, anything goes, and sports ladder, which sees the yo-yoer perform a list of tricks from beginner to advanced. Aaron and Josh will each compete in two styles. Aaron said one of the divisions he would enter was like a dance routine for yo-yos. "You chose a song, plan a routine and practice like crazy," he said. "I take it pretty seriously and train for two to three hours per day." He will perform a trick he invented called the spinararchy. "It's a laceration trick where you throw the string around your finger and catch it again." Anyone can enter the championships with yo-yoers expected from Victoria, Queensland, NSW and SA. Yo-yos can cost as little as $30 or as much as $650.

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