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Fire fighters earn praise

Friday, 4th January, 2013

The forklift on fire and (below) the flames extinguished. The forklift on fire and (below) the flames extinguished.

 By Gayle Ball

The quick action of a few residents helped extinguish a forklift fire near a petrol station yesterday morning.

Witnesses said the forklift, owned by Adelaide company Spectrum Transport, had caught alight after suffering mechanical problems. 

It had broken down on the road near Lindsay’s Service Station in Blende Street and was alight when the driver returned shortly after with help to move the vehicle. 

Staff from the nearby Standley’s Distributors and the service station used dry chemical extinguishers to put out the flames before firefighters arrived.

“It was good work by them,” said Station Officer Sean Doohan.

SO Doohan said the incident showed the importance of having extinguishers close by.

“Having a couple of fire extinguishers in strategic locations, especially where there’s light industry around, is vital.”

SO Doohan said the fire’s close proximity to a petrol station was concerning, but it was far enough away to avoid fuel being exposed to the flames.

“When we first left the station that was a major concern for us but it is a fair enough distance away,” he said.

Firefighters ensured the flames were completely put out and checked for fuel leaks when they arrived.

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