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SA club could join pre-season hit-out

Thursday, 17th January, 2013

A South Australian footy club wants to play in the Lightning Cup this year. A South Australian footy club wants to play in the Lightning Cup this year.

By Emily Roberts

An extra football team could be competing in the Lightning Cup this year.

The Central Football Club has been approached by the Seaton Ramblers who want to to play against the BH clubs.

BH AFL Chairman Peter Nash said all four clubs have been asked to respond to the request by Sunday.

“With the additional team, there is a possibility the Board will look at changing the format of the Lightning Cup to create a gala footy weekend,” Mr Nash said.

“Up for discussion is playing round one on a Friday evening and having a floating final round draw with the grand final played at twilight on Saturday.

“We may also add two women’s games, and playing an AFL 9s game either as seniors or possibly with elite juniors.”

Mr Nash said the board was hoping to create something a bit different.

A member of the Central Football Club, Russell Dart, said the Seaton Ramblers were very interested in playing, but it might clash with their season.

Mr Dart said the unofficial draw has been released and it looks like the preseason cup has been set down for April 6.

“With the unofficial draw, it looks like that will be the week before the start of the season,” he said.

“I think, for the Seaton Ramblers, that is around the time their season starts.

“To be viable, we would need the Lightning Cup to be the weekend before Easter.”

Mr Dart said the ideal time to hold the Cup would be on March 23.

“Then we could have the next weekend off to deal with any injuries. It would also allow us to have a couple of weeks to get organised,” he said.

Mr Dart said the Central Football Club would get back to the Seaton Ramblers to check their schedule.

“We play a yearly game with them before each season. When the Lightning Cup was suggested they jumped at the chance,” he said.

“But the dates are still in the pipeline.”

According to Mr Dart, it would be beneficial for all local teams to go up against the SA side.

“The thing we’ve found is that the Seaton Ramblers are an extremely professional side. I think they are the top side in division 3 in Adelaide,” he said.

“They are a very polished professional side. They gave us a few ideas in regards to what football is all about.”

Mr Dart said it would be “advantageous” for the Seaton Ramblers to play three or four games against the locals.

“They definitely enjoyed themselves last year when they came up to play us. If we could get them back that would be great.”

Mr Dart said if the Cup idea can’t go ahead, Central will play the Seaton Ramblers in Adelaide.

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