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Fuel suckers leave sour taste

Thursday, 24th January, 2013

Amy Symonds had a full tank of petrol siphoned from her car on Saturday night while it was parked outside her house. Amy Symonds had a full tank of petrol siphoned from her car on Saturday night while it was parked outside her house.

By Erica Visser

A young couple was left shocked and angry after a full tank of petrol was siphoned from their car overnight on Saturday.

Police said yesterday that fuel thieves were active in the city and advised motorists to park their cars in the yard if they could.

Amy Symonds and Jason Deeble thought it would be safe to leave their car parked outside their house in Uranium Street, as they had done countless times.

However, the thieves managed to drain the vehicle of petrol between 12am and 5am on Sunday morning.

"It's such a quiet street; I would never have thought this kind of thing would happen," Amy said.

The couple heard nothing during the night and did not discover the loss until the following day.

The thieves had also gouged off and stolen the fuel cap.

"The neighbour said he heard car doors and some voices but thought nothing of it," Jason said.

"It's a pretty low act. Everyone's having a tough enough time at the moment with money without this happening.

"We did not think parking our car out the front would lead to this."

Amy encouraged people to take precautionary measures.

"If you have a driveway, use it; don't park in the street," she said.

"If they can get a locked fuel cap off they can get into anything."

Barrier LAC Crime Manager Mick Stoltenberg said that a number of similar incidents had occurred throughout the city of late.

"There's been a number of reports made over recent times where fuel has been siphoned from vehicles, or cars have been damaged whilst left parked
out on the street," Detective Inspector Stoltenberg said.

"They're targeting both unleaded fuel and diesel. Fuel cost plays an role in the issue, plus you're looking at opportunistic thieves.

"Obviously where you park your vehicle and how it's secured plays a big part. If you do have to park on street it plays a big risk.

"If you have the luxury of having a street light out the front of your house, that can assist. While it makes it easier for thieves to see, it also means there's more chance of them being detected so it may deter them."

The model and age of a car can also play a part in how easy it is to steal fuel," he said.

"It depends on the model, but it's a lot easier to get fuel out of older vehicles."

If anyone has any information about this incident, or similar crimes, they are urged to contact police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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