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Little bird lost

Friday, 25th January, 2013

Merridy Wall is looking for “Stewie” and would welcome any information about his whereabouts. Merridy Wall is looking for “Stewie” and would welcome any information about his whereabouts.

By Emily Roberts

If you see a yellow cockatiel with white stripes singing tunes and saying "Stewie", Merridy Wall would like to hear from you.

Ms Wall said her partner was putting Stewie outside on Tuesday and something must have spooked him, because he flew out of his cage before the door could be shut.

"He circled around the yard, chirped and flew off," Ms Wall said.

She said he has been sighted twice since.

"I live in Duff Street and a lady said she saw him in Jamieson Street and then the following morning he was spotted in Boughtman Street.

"I looked for him that day, Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. I've been driving around playing the ring tone on my mobile because he used to chirp to that."

Ms Wall, who works at the RSPCA, said she'd had Stewie for 12 months and raised him from eight weeks of age.

"He is not a wild bird," she said. "Normally, I have him at work during the week and at home during the weekends."

Ms Wall said Stewie likes to talk and sit on people's shoulders. "He whistles 'If you're happy and you know it' and says 'Hello Stewie, 'What's Stewie doing?'.

He is also fairly friendly and if encouraged might even sit on your shoulder.

"He comes when he is called, but I don't know if he will for strangers.

"I am missing him. It feels wrong without him; it is too quiet.

"I walk into the office and expect him to be there. So do all the staff. During the day he used to fly around and sit on client's shoulders."

Ms Wall said she is offering a reward for information or for his return.

"We are advertising it on Facebook as well," she said. "I am pretty desperate to get him back. I worry about him being out there when it is so hot."

If anyone spots him or catches him, they may contact the RSPCA on 8087 7753 or Ms Wall on 0402 145 869.

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