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Eyes on the prize

Tuesday, 29th January, 2013

Premiers North are training hard and aiming for another cup. Premiers North are training hard and aiming for another cup.

By Emily Roberts

The North Football Club is putting serious effort into their pre-season training and hope to reap the rewards come premiership time.

Former Bulldogs' player Mark Pitt has joined the coaching team, replacing last year's senior coach, Karl Berryman.

Mr Pitt said the side started pre-season training two weeks before Christmas.

"We had a few weeks off and have been back at it again for two weeks, so all up we've done about a month's preparation," he said.

And despite the heat and work rosters, a lot of players were turning up ready to train.

"We are working on specific areas and progressing on the boys' fitness. We've had 25 turn up, give or take, to the training. A lot of the boys do shift work, so we lose eight every week on rotation."

Mr Pitt said one very good thing for the reigning premiers was that the side had not lost any players.

"We haven't lost any and we have recruited some players from other clubs and some that took some time off and are now back," he said.

He said he was also impressed by how much work some of the team members had done in the off-season.

"They are looking really good and fit," Mr Pitt said. "It will give an added bonus and it has kept them very keen.

"The system I will be implementing will be different to what the boys had last year.

"But considering they have won the last two grandfinals, I don't want to take too much away. There will be changes and a bit of a different game plan."

Mr Pitt said he could see players like Blake Clare, Matt Garrick and Jamie McConnell having a good season.

Mr Pitt said he was impressed with the team and how solid it looked.

"We are ahead of schedule, without going overboard. The boys have had a good, solid off-season.

"They have put in the effort and hopefully will be able to reap the rewards."

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