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Ethan has the X-factor

Tuesday, 29th January, 2013

Ethan Davis will know in April if he has made it onto the X-factor competition Ethan Davis will know in April if he has made it onto the X-factor competition

By Emily Roberts

A young man who auditioned for a television reality show is anxiously waiting to hear if he has been accepted.

Twenty-year-old Ethan Davis has been singing since he can remember and last week he took it a step further by trying out for the X-factor in Adelaide.

"I thought I might as well give it a crack; I have nothing to lose," said Ethan.

It seems he wasn't the only one with that idea.

"When we were lining up outside for the audition I had to wait 40 minutes," he said.

"Then when we were inside it was a 30-minute wait. Once I was given my number, I thought 'yes, I'll have my audition soon' but I had to wait for four hours.

"I auditioned for the head producers in my first audition. I sang 'She will be Loved' by Maroon 5.

"I was nervous and shaking. I was then told to stand on a cross marked on the floor and look at the camera.

"They asked me to sing another song. I sang 'Here Without You' by Three Doors Down.

"I got a quarter of the way through and they stopped me. I was thinking the worst but the producer gave me a smile and said I was through to the next round."

After that Ethan had to sing again for a the head producers.

"They filmed it again and told me the songs I needed to sing. It was nerve-wracking.

They didn't give anything away.

"We also were able to get up and sing in front of everyone in the waiting room. People were clapping, they were really good. We helped each other out. We were all in the same position."

Ethan will have to wait until April to find out if he got through to the last round.

"Then you go on television, have a boot camp and then through to the Top 24," he said.

He said thousands of people had auditioned.

"There were three different waiting rooms and there were 2,500 people in my room, so I think there would have been about 30,000 people or more there for auditions."

After the auditions he drove back to where he was staying and cracked a bottle of champagne.

He said if he doesn't make it through, he will try again next year.

Anyone who can sing should follow it through, Ethan said.

"Don't let anyone get you down. Keep trying."

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