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Spate of thefts leaves North residents in shock

Wednesday, 30th January, 2013

Fisher Street resident Belinda Day said the thefts had shocked people in her quiet street. Fisher Street resident Belinda Day said the thefts had shocked people in her quiet street.

By Emily Roberts

A spate of thefts from motor vehicles over a couple of nights has left a number of North residents very angry.

Between Sunday night and Monday night, at least 14 cars were broken into while parked in the streets surrounding Morgan Street, police said yesterday.

Items that have been reported missing including an iPod Nano, money, wallets, personal papers and handbags.

Police said one of the victims stated that they had seen a group of about six young Caucasian boys walking in Morgan Street, aged between 10 and 12, shortly after their car was robbed.

Crime Manager Mick Stoltenberg said it appeared that a group of teenagers or young men were responsible for the thefts.

"Taking into account the hour of the night, it must be questioned what are these people doing out and about and not at home under proper supervision?" Detective Inspector Stoltenberg said.

He said some of the cars were unlocked, a few had their windows smashed but with others the method of breaking in was not clear.

"They appear to be more so targeting cash and small change, consistent with offences being committed by small children.

"What they have to understand is, this is a criminal offence and when they are located they will be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act.

"It is not acceptable."

Fisher Street resident Belinda Day said she had a laptop stolen and her neighbours had lost items also.

"A neighbour alerted me that my car door was open and that they found their gate open," Ms Day said.

"They also found a scooter outside of their home that didn't belong to them. There was a trail of rum cans, still full, down the street.

"The police came to our door and said there was a number of breakins.

"When we were talking to the police, other cars were pulling up and saying that they had been broken into - quite a few cars were broken into," she said.

"The police seem to think they might have a device to get into the cars. Our laptop was stolen. We have trouble locking our car - I am pretty wild.

"It is a really quiet street; we look out for each other. It is a close neighbourhood.

"It was scary to think that they were in all of our yards, going through our things."

Ms Day said the police told her the robberies were committed over a wide area. "The police said it started in Morgan Street and went as far as O'Neill Street - that's quite a stretch overnight," she said.

Ms Day said they hadn't had a breakin before but she had caught people trying to get into her yard.

"I don't know what they are after. They broke into toolboxes but left tools and next door they left a DVD player. It could have been worse.

"Normally dogs bark at such things, but it was a windy night. We are all wiser now."

DI Stoltenberg reminded everyone to keep their vehicles locked, even when they were parked inside the yard.

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