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Lamb target for vandals: Tucker

Tuesday, 31st March, 2009

City Council will consider increasing security patrols at the Lamb Oval which residents claim is being regularly vandalised by underage drinkers. Pop-up water sprays worth hundreds of dollars were pulled from the ground and a metal sign advertising the oval's alcohol-free status destroyed overnight on Friday. Lamb Oval management committee member Alan Tucker yesterday said that vandalism attacks occurred regularly at the oval and that drunken juveniles were partly to blame.

The former City Councillor said youths were drinking late at night at the oval, which was always littered with empty UDL cans and beer bottles. "This is just stupid drunken vandalism by juveniles," said Mr Tucker, who collected another bag of cans and bottles on Saturday morning. A fed-up Mr Tucker took the bag of empties and the broken sprays into Council yesterday in the hope of getting something done. But he said the problem was ultimately one for the police and parents.

"The kids' names have been given to the police. "What's the point of an alcohol-free zone when they kick the crap out of everything?" As a long-time member of the committee that manages the oval, Mr Tucker has helped oversee the transformation of the oval from a prickle-infested eyesore. "We busted our gut in 2004 to get it up and going and this is what we get," he said. He said residents near to the oval were aware of the drinking but were reluctant to get involved for fear of retribution.

Graffiti was also a problem but Mr Tucker said that, despite the name of one of the culprits being supplied to police, it appeared the matter hadn't been followed up. Now he has just about had enough. "I'll be joining the rest of the committee who have resigned." Council's Infrastructure Manager, Paul DeLisio, yesterday said that Council hired security to patrol all of its facilities after work hours and weekends. But he was unsure if that included the Lamb Oval.

"It's something that we will look at but I've not been made aware of an inordinate level of vandalism at Lamb Oval. "We are always concerned when there is an increase in vandalism at any of our facilities and we will look at what we can do to combat that. "We've got the option of increasing the number of patrols that go there."

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