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Grand gesture saves the day

Wednesday, 6th March, 2013

Visitor Dave Frost and CBH Resources’ Tony Davis have each donated something towards the upgrade of the Members’ Grandstand. Visitor Dave Frost and CBH Resources’ Tony Davis have each donated something towards the upgrade of the Members’ Grandstand.

By Emily Roberts

Campers who have been living in a bus at the racecourse have volunteered to give the Members' Grandstand an upgrade, with some help from local businesses.

One project that was initially shelved due to financial restraints was the upgrade to the Members Grandstand, but thanks to a combination of corporate support and industrious visitors, it is getting a long overdue face lift.

St Pat's President Margaret Corradini said it was all made possible when local mining company CBH Resources donated money to the cause.

The general manager of the company's Rasp Mine, Tony Davis, said they were happy to help where they could.

"We are all about giving back to the community and there is nothing more local than the St Pat's Races," Mr Davis said.

The arrival in town of Dave and Tanya Frost has been a big benefit to the upgrade of the grandstand.

The couple and their six-year-old daughter have volunteered their time to work on the upgrades.

"We love being involved," Mr Frost said.

"It is a wonderful building and we identified a few things we could do to help partially restore it and by race day we should have it where we want it."

The work involved grouting, cementing and painting around the lower level and jockeys room and replacing part of the trainers' platform fencing.

The family set up their home in a big blue bus at the Racecourse in October last year.

"We have been travelling around Australia since August last year. We wanted to see Australia," Mr Frost said.

"We didn't expect to stay in Broken Hill for as long as we did. We're enjoying it, it is a great place."

Mr Frost said as he had the capability to help out, he thought it would be a good idea.

While the grandstand has been one job, volunteers have been busy in other areas from working on the track, fixing up and painting bookmakers stands, cleaning out stables, pulling up weeds and mowing lawns.

"It's so much work for one day," St Pat's committee member John Rogers said.

"But St Pats is so important to Broken Hill, that's why we are so passionate about it and what it does for our city."

Mr Rogers, who has volunteered for many years for the race club, said all the upgrades are looking good.

"I have been working out here since the late 1960s, and the whole place is starting to shine, it is as good if not better than I have ever seen it.

"We had a number of jobs on our list and with the help and generosity of local businesses and our hard working volunteers; we are definitely on track."

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