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Manners for any old dog

Wednesday, 6th March, 2013

Dog trainer Jenni Baker with border-collie cross Zazu (9) who was taught tricks at the late age of four. Dog trainer Jenni Baker with border-collie cross Zazu (9) who was taught tricks at the late age of four.

By Emily Roberts

People interested in teaching their "old dog some new tricks" should take the opportunity to join adult dog training classes.

Dog trainer, Jenni Baker from Jen's Dog Training and Supplies will start up the dog training classes in the next couple of weeks.

She said the classes are a build on from puppy preschool.

"The classes teach basic manners, not obedience," Mrs Baker said.

"It is about dogs being well-socialised; I teach things like 'sit', 'stay' and to 'wait'.

"If there is time and people are interested, I teach a few tricks as well."

She said dogs also learn to socialise with other dogs.

Mrs Baker said she gets a variety of working dogs turning up to the adult training classes.

"I get a variety of dogs, but they tend to be Staffies or working breeds; like kelpies, border collies," she said.

"I also get little ones as well."

Dogs from the age of six months are able to attend the classes.

"Six months is when a puppy is usually fully grown and that's when issues of walking dogs can come up," Mrs Baker said.

"I get dogs up to 10 years of coming in, any dog at any age is fine. You can teach an old dog, new tricks."

Mrs Baker said her methods use positive reinforcement to train the dogs.

"The classes run for seven weeks and we have a break over school holidays," she said.

The classes are $200 and dog owners will get $60 worth of equipment to help train their dog.

"I run the classes Saturday mornings," Mrs Baker said.

"I tend to prefer four dogs in a class, that way I can give more individual attention to the dogs. I will run more classes if there is a big demand for it."

Adult dog training classes can be beneficial, not only for dogs but for their owners to learn behaviours of animals.

"The things we find that annoy humans is very normal for dogs, like jumping up or on a person. It is easy to teach the dog what is acceptable," Mrs Baker said.

"A dog jumping up might not be a naughty dog and that is definitely no reason to surrender it. In the adult dog training classes, we focus more on dog body language."

Mrs Baker is looking to start the classes around March 23.

If anyone is interested in the class or is interested but unavailable for the class, they can email Mrs Baker on jensdts@yahoo.com.au.

"I am happy to email anyone information on dog training and dog behaviour," she said.

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