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Contentious clinic OK, says Council

Tuesday, 19th March, 2013

By Kurtis J Eichler

City Council may cease reviewing an Allied Health Clinic that triggered a neighbourhood stoush in Morgan Street over parking and noise fears.

Councillors will vote tomorrow night on whether more reviews of the Morgan Street Allied Health Clinic's impact on neighbours are needed.

Clinician and owner Susanne Olsen faced a resident backlash when she decided to move her operations from Oxide Street to 342 Morgan Street.

Parking, security, standard of signage, additional practitioners, wandering patients and the upgrading of a rear laneway were just some of the residents' concerns.

Councillors gave Ms Olsen the green light to use the premises in July 2011.

They voted to have another review in May, which showed it was a quiet achiever.

Council has received two submissions ahead of tomorrow night's 'Our Environment' committee meeting, both highlighting the same apparent problems.

But acting general manager Peter Oldsen rejected the claims, saying there was no adverse impact on the community.

"The Clinic's operators have been reminded of their obligations in complying with the consent," Mr Oldsen said.

"It is considered that it is not necessary to continue regular reporting to Council on this matter."

But neighbour Gina Pearce asked yesterday why there wouldn't be any more reviews when parking continued to be a problem and security was poor.

"The rear of the clinic seems wide open and a dilapidated side fence provides little protection," Mrs Pearce said.

"One of the conditions - grading of the laneway - only happened last week so it is certainly not the right time to end the reviews.

"The additional practitioner has added to the parking problems, particularly for the near neighbours.

"On one side, clients use the neighbour's driveway and on the other they take all the street parks."

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