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A parting shot

Thursday, 11th April, 2013

Alan Tucker won’t stand at the Council by-election. Alan Tucker won’t stand at the Council by-election.

By Kurtis J Eichler

Wincen Cuy could become a "lame duck mayor" if the Labor Party is successful at the by-election, a former councillor says.

Alan Tucker pulled out of the by-election race yesterday, reducing the May 11 ballot to a six-horse race.

Robin Sellick, Christine Adams, Anne Woods, Trevor Cutjar, Geoff Cullenward and Tom Kennedy all nominated by the deadline yesterday.

Mr Tucker said while his family stood behind him, he held fears about once again being sacked.

In 2007, Mayor Ron Page and councillors, including Mr Tucker, were dismissed by the State Government for in-fighting. "I don't want to be dismissed again," Mr Tucker told the BDT.

"I believe that is going to happen again. If they lose the appeal in the NSW Supreme Court in July and they say Council needs to repay Perilya $6.8 million, then Council won't last."

Mr Tucker was also worried about Labor gaining too much power if its candidate Geoff Cullenward was voted in.

Six of the 10 councillors would be Labor, including independent Peter Black who is still a branch member and caucuses with the party.

"If Cullenward gets there, Wincen would be a lame duck mayor.

"Between council meetings is the only time he'd be able to do anything.

"If they go to a council meeting and they put motions forward they'll just be carried."

Labor president Darriea Turley accused Mr Tucker of "stirring the pot".

"I think it's disappointing Alan Tucker would make such a comment," Mrs Turley said.

"He obviously doesn't understand the way council operates." Mayor Wincen Cuy fended off the claims, saying he acts "by himself and for my beliefs".

"The authority of the mayor is still the authority of the mayor whether I have a majority or not."

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