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Cop puncher jailed

Wednesday, 17th April, 2013

By Kurtis J Eichler

A Wilcannia man will spend at least four months in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting two police officers in Broken Hill.

Hayden Bugmy, 26, was sentenced to 16 months' prison with a non-parole period of four months for a range of offences in the Broken Hill Local Court yesterday.

Police said two officers - Constables Sean Patterson and Luke Porritt - arrived at a Creedon Street house to talk to Bugmy about an unrelated
incident on January 17 this year.

Police said Bugmy was seated on an outside lounge and began shouting profanity at the pair as they approached.

He threatened to get a knife and "stab ya". Another man unlocked the front door and let Bugmy inside, where Bugmy leaned out a window and
clenched both his fists.

Police said Mr Bugmy threatened them with a knife and a broomstick, and they tried to hold him down and handcuff him, but he pulled his hands free and threw three punches.

The first punch was thrown at Constable Patterson and the second connected with the right side of Constable Porritt's head causing "slight pain". The
third punch missed.

Constable Porritt pulled out a taser and shouted at Bugmy to "get on the ground" to which he complied.

Police said Bugmy was uncooperative when he arrived at the police station.

He told an officer: "When I get out of here, I'm going to find you and slit your throat."

He also pleaded guilty to a raft of other offences, including assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, drink driving, intimidating police and failing to appear in court.

Two months prior to the assault on police, he punched a 45-year-old man who had earlier hit him with a car door which ruptured his eye socket and caused swelling.

He was also found to be driving under the influence of alcohol after he'd picked up his young nephew from school.

Defence lawyer Silas Morrison said his client admitted to having an alcohol problem and had been drinking since the age of 16.

Bugmy appeared via audiovisual link from prison in the local court, and started dozing off as Magistrate Robert Rabbidge handed down his sentence.

He said Bugmy would benefit from time in a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre.

Mr Rabbidge back-dated the sentence to January 17, meaning Bugmy will be eligible for parole on May 17.

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