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Vandals hone in on airport

Thursday, 18th April, 2013

By Erica Visser

Vandals in the city tend to pick on one area and then move onto the next target.

Broken Hill Airport was the latest target for vandals with petty crime ranging from fuel theft to attempted break and enter.

Over half the acts of community vandalism reported by City Council last month took place at the airport, despite the presence of CCTV cameras.

Manager for group infrastructure Paul DeLisio said that vandals tended to target one hotspot before moving on to another.

Mr DeLisio suggested that the vandalism at the airport was not any more worrying than that at the city's parks and other spots.

"Like many other areas, airport assets (are) vandalised from time to time," he said.

"We are not aware of any reason why the airport has been a particular target.

"However, we do find that vandals often target particular areas and then move on."

On March 13, vandals cut the lock on the Airport Compound gate and also cut two fences.

Less than a week later thieves stole a GPS unit and a distress beacon before entering a workshop and stealing two full mechanics toolboxes, a set of mechanics sockets and an airport navigation compass.

Several incidents of fuel being stolen from cars in the airport carpark were also made during the month.

At one point during March, on an "unknown" date, vandals attempted to break into a transmission building on Airport Road.

They were unsuccessful but the door and lock had to be replaced.

Mr DeLisio said that Council did not know why the airport was a target of late and did not say whether any acts of theft or vandalism were caught on CCTV.

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