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Bigger fish to fry

Tuesday, 23rd April, 2013

John Williams John Williams

By Erica Visser

State MP John Williams has said he would not support gay marriage at an expected upcoming conscience vote because he does not believe there is "a lot of stability in their relationships".

The popular topic has risen once again after NSW Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell last week declared his strong support.

The NSW Parliament's upper house voted in favour of supporting equality for same-sex couples last year, but until now there has been a belief that it would be voted down in the lower house.

Mr Williams said his views on the topic had not changed from last year, when he voted against the notion at a Nationals conference in June.

At the time he said that gay marriage was a non-issue and that the gay people he had spoken to in the Murray-Darling region did not want it legalised.

The Nationals Whip has now told the BDT that he was yet to be convinced that the people he represents wanted gay marriage legalised.

"I think you've got to understand there's a lot of my constituents that behold certain principals," Mr Williams said.

"A lot are against it and a lot are very religious.

"My personal view is that, how many longterm relationships do you see in the gay community?

"I don't know that there's a lot of stability in their relationships.

"I'd have to see some damn good reasons why before changing my mind."

Mr Williams said that he still believed that the gay people in his constituency did not care about getting married.

"The ones I've spoken to don't want it," he said.

"I'm sure people in my constituency would rather I focus on supporting the subcontractors that have lost money in the hospital project than waste time with this."

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