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King of the kids

Wednesday, 24th April, 2013

The junior group for the soccer coaching clinic with coaches. The junior group for the soccer coaching clinic with coaches.

By Emily Roberts

Junior soccer players in the city enjoyed a two-day skill clinic hosted by Brazilianborn soccer star Cristiano Dos Santos Rodrigues.

Cristiano returned to the city at the start of the week to help develop skills among junior soccer players.

He last visited the city in August to promote Futsal, a variation on the traditional game of soccer.

Cristiano has played in Holland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, and made his name in Australia with Adelaide United FC.

The free clinic started on Monday and ran again yesterday. The clinic not only benefited the kids playing soccer but local coaches as well.

Cristiano said it was incredible to see the improvement in the children over the two days.

"Kids, they learn so quick," he said. "We did lots of skills and a game afterwards, and we worked a lot with running with the ball and
changing direction."

He said there was a mixture of children; boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 11.

The older children had a session in the afternoon.

"They are very enthusiastic and happy to learn," Cristiano said. He said it was also good to see skilled local coaches.

"There are all good coaches here, who are doing a very good job," he said.

"You can see with the skill level of the kids that it is at a good level. After Monday and Tuesday, the skill level has gone up again.

"With good coaches, the next time I come here it will make it even easier.

"Hopefully, I can come back soon, but the kids are in good hands with their coaches; they are very good kids," he said.

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