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Big two weeks for kids

Monday, 29th April, 2013

The kids at the PCYC school holiday program enjoyed their excursion to the BDT. The kids at the PCYC school holiday program enjoyed their excursion to the BDT.

The PCYC has supplied two weeks of jam packed fun and entertainment, for those in the school holiday program.

The program was run by Activities Officer, Mel Lukoschek and Kandie Dart. Mel said the past two weeks had been 'excellent' "It was lots and lots of fun," Mel said.

"The kids enjoyed our excursion to Silverton and doing lots of craft; which turned out really good."

The kids also had visits from the police, a geologist and other people within the community.

"The police came to visit, and brought a van and the highway patrol car - they had lots of fun that day," Mel said.

"We also had an excursion to White's Mine Museum and the BDT. The kids were fascinated by everything they saw and they learnt so much. There was great history and they learnt a lot.

"They loved the BDT, they asked lots of questions about the machinery and how the paper was made."

Mel said it was a great experience for all the children.

"That was our aim for the children to have new experiences, some hadn't even seen the Big Chair," Mel said.

"On Friday, we had a bright coloured party with party games."

Mel said the program was full most days.

"When we had the excursions, we were fully booked with a waiting list - there were a few days we where we weren't full," she said.

"But you have to expect that with families going away - it was a good fortnight."

The next holiday activities are almost planned, so Mel encourages families to get in quick in they want their children to attend.

"We are nearly finished planning the theme," Mel said.

"We come up with the ideas, and then ask the kids what their thoughts are and what they would like to do."

Mel said she would like to thank everyone who helped out during the holidays.

"I would like to thank our bus driver, he has been wonderful, our volunteers and all our special guests."

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