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A winning union

Friday, 10th May, 2013

David Ruddock (coach), Greg Braes (CFMEU President), Jayden Kelly, Jarrad Ruddock and Danny O’Connor (BIC President). David Ruddock (coach), Greg Braes (CFMEU President), Jayden Kelly, Jarrad Ruddock and Danny O’Connor (BIC President).

The cream of Broken Hill’s football talent will be out to balance the ledger when they confront the Far North League at Football Park tomorrow.

This clash has been an annual event in Adelaide since its conception in 2008, with Far North winning three matches, while Broken Hill has two wins on the board.

With both centres relying heavily on the Mining Industry as their major employers, the AFL suggested the two teams play for the Miners Cup.

The South Australian side is backed by the world’s largest mining company, BHP, while the local team has been well supported by Broken Hill based organisations.

“Our major overall sponsor is the Credit Union and they have been fantastic,” said AFL Chairman Peter Nash.

“When it comes to our combined side we have been fortunate that over the past three years the CFMEU have stood by us with both financial and moral support which is fantastic.”

This year additional union support has come in the form of the Barrier Industrial Council.

“I have wanted to back this event for years,” said BIC President Danny O’Connor. 

“Over the last few years I have been in Adelaide for this weekend and to see our players on Football Park before an AFL game representing their city is fantastic.”

Mr O’Connor said the union movement

was keen to put back into Broken Hill, and the Miners Cup is the perfect opportunity.

“Over the last three years the CFMEU with Greg Braes at the helm have been right behind this game and the BIC

is now proud to stand alongside them.

“It’s great for the town - it generates a really good feeling and a lot of interest, and we want to stay involved and see it get bigger and bigger.

As for taking on the

BHP backed Far North League, Mr O’Connor said he would love to see a win.

“I have nothing against their players but to register a win against BHP would be something to savour.”

“It’s the classic case

of the union versus big business ... it’s a great rivalry.”

On the playing front, the team will be coached by David Ruddock and led by captains Jayden Kelly, Jordan Johns and Matt Nelson (vice).

“We had so many

quality leaders to pick from but these three lads will do Broken Hill proud,” Ruddock said.

“They are not only great players but wonderful competitors.” 


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