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Vandal attack ‘atrocious’

Tuesday, 14th May, 2013

Graffiti aimed at the Mayor. Graffiti aimed at the Mayor.

By Erica Visser

Information bays on the outskirts of the city were graffitied overnight Sunday with spray-painted obscenities aimed at City Council.
The signs on the Adelaide, Mildura and Sydney roads were all covered in white spray paint and in one case, a nearby bin also copped it.
Council employees removed what they could yesterday, however the signs would require repainting.
The estimated cost of the damage was $5000, which Council would be forced to fork out.
Broken Hill Mayor Wincen Cuy said that anti-social behaviour in relation to Council had “reared its ugly head” over the past week.
“I just think it’s atrocious, people can have opinions and dislike people but to deface something like our tourism welcome signs is absolutely atrocious,” Mayor Cuy said.
“People are protesting probably a wastage of money and all those types of issues so it’s absolutely ludicrous that they do these things which cost thousands of dollars to repair.
“This mentality seems to have reared its ugly head over the last week or so.
“This outward abuse and vandalism has materialised recently.”
Mayor Cuy challenged anyone who had an issue with him to take it up directly.
“I just really encourage people to have some courage to come up and speak to me first,” he said.
“If they want to have a conversation with me in the correct environment I’m only too happy, my door is open.”

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