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More options for students

Wednesday, 15th May, 2013

By Emily Roberts

Students looking to finish their education outside of school are being invited to enrol in the Alesco Learning Centre.

The centre will operate from Robinson College and is expected to start in July when school goes back for the second term.

According to a student prospectus, Alesco Learning centres have an identical curriculum to mainstream schools but take “an adult education approach”.

Class sizes are smaller and students will have access to a full-time youth support worker but College Manager, Ann Rogers, said it was not a “behavioural school”.

“It will be exactly the same as if the students are going to school. They will go four days a week from Monday to Thursday.”

Ms Rogers said the first class to be offered will be a Year 10 bridging class for students from the age of 15 to 18. There will be 15 places available.

“Next year we are looking to offer Year 9 and Year 10 classes and, hopefully, in the future, Year 11 and Year 12,” she said.

“There is no cost to attend.”

Ms Rogers said positions are available for a head teacher, a part-time teacher and a youth worker.

“The school provides greater support that is needed for some teenagers to finish their education,” she said.

“It is halfway between school and TAFE. We are not politically or religiously affiliated.”

The centre which will be the seventh to open since Alesco began in the NSW Hunter region in 2002.

Ms Rogers said she recently came back from the Alesco centre in the Hunter.

“I travelled to look at the model in the Hunter region,” she said.

“I sat in an English class. They were reading a book and all the students were interested.

“All the kids were happy and they were content in the atmosphere and teaching environment.”

Ms Rogers said the new school would work alongside the other schools.

“We will work closely with the local high schools. Students will have to be interviewed before coming to Alesco,” Ms Rogers said.

“It’s not for everyone, but for those who want to complete their education but can’t do it in mainstream schooling.”

For more information call Robinson College on 8087 6022.

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