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Wildlife loves the city life

Thursday, 16th May, 2013

Emus are becoming a frequent sight in the city. Emus are becoming a frequent sight in the city.

Food and water stations could be set up on the city’s outskirts to reduce the number of emus and kangaroos coming into town, according to a BH man.

“After the huge rains in 2010 and 2011 the native animals numbers built up and now that it is much drier they are seeking feed and water in town,” the man told the BDT.

“They are just trying to survive and I think the situation could be improved by setting up water points or troughs on the outskirts of town so they don’t come in as much.”

The National Parks and Wildlife Services said they have been getting more reports of wild animals in town recently.

“With the wet conditions experienced over the last three years, native wildlife numbers have increased across the State, including emus and kangaroos,” a NPWS spokesman said.

But not much can be done about it, she said.

“Emus will move about the countryside in search of water and food sources.

“The NPWS advises people not to approach emus and also to drive carefully on the roads.

“If people see injured wildlife they should contact a local wildlife carers’ groups such as Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals (RRANA).

“All native animals are protected in NSW and it is against the law to harm or kill them.”

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