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City shapes up

Friday, 9th January, 2009

Local gyms are enjoying a surge in membership, with new year's resolutions, warmer weather and people having more time over the holiday season being credited for the trend.

Temple of Fitness owner Luke McCarron said that his gym has had 130 new members sign up since the Christmas break, and the YMCA has also witnessed similar membership growth. Mr McCarron said that a number of locals embraced a promotion the gym held before Christmas, and believes that people are realising the importance of getting in shape now more than ever. "I think people are more aware and shows like the biggest loser on TV helps." Mr McCarron said that swimsuit season was also a motivator for many people. "Being summer, everyone wants to look good at the beach when they go away, and at the new pool as well." There are also those who have made new year resolutions to get in shape, while others have made the most of having more time over the festive season to get started on a fitness program. "It's a good time to start," Mr McCarron said. "I think starting is the hardest bit. It's that initial start that is the hardest." Mr McCarron said that where a lot of people fail to maintain their good habits, is when they start working out too hard, too soon and lose motivation. "It's best if they organise to have a program designed for them, especially if they've been inactive for a while. "It's best to do something now, rather than wait." The Temple of Fitness' busiest times are from 6-9am and 4.30-7.30pm. Mr McCarron said that discounted off-peak memberships for people who are able to use the gym between 10am and 5pm, are available. YMCA Programs Co-ordinator Trevor Williams said that the community fitness centre has also seen a spike in membership. "Yeah definitely, we've had a heaps big increase in the number of people coming in," Mr Williams said. "A lot of them have made new year's resolutions to get in shape, while others are trying to get rid of that Christmas weight." Mr Williams said that the gym often enjoys a surge in membership over the holiday period, but is hopeful this season's group of well-meaning people will keep the habit up. "We do everything we can to keep them interested and keep them motivated," he said. "Anytime's a good time to start, so why not now?" Both gyms said that a large number of tourists in the city have also been happy to pay casual rates to use the facilities over the Christmas break.

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