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Services put to test

Saturday, 25th May, 2013

Emergency services attended a crash at the airport yesterday morning but no-one was injured and nor were they likely to be.

It was a mock emergency set up for the services to test their response.

“They were tested on their reaction, time to respond and the resources they had available,” said Police Inspector Mick Dawson.

Inspector Dawson said at the end of the test, all the services were debriefed on how it went.

“We got through it step-by-step to see how it might go in a real life situation and what we would do,” he said.

“The SES, police, paramedics, fire brigade and health service all attended.”

Inspector Dawson said they tried to do it every year to keep their resources and skills up to date.

“We like to keep the resources in line and address and fix any problems. We want to make sure the system is working,” he said. “So far, so good.”

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