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A canine sporting yellow signals caution

Monday, 27th May, 2013

Max the Beagle with Belinda Miller and her son Benjamin (4). Max the Beagle with Belinda Miller and her son Benjamin (4).

By Emily Roberts

The Broken Hill Animal Welfare Group is looking to run a campaign to warn people to stay away from certain dogs on the lead.

Founder of the group, Belinda Miller, said they had picked up on a national campaign called "Yellow Dog, Yellow Ribbon".

Mrs Miller said dog trainers and owners have recognised that dogs need to be protected with a little more space when out on the lead.

"Owners could use a yellow ribbon or bandana to show that their dog needs space," Mrs Miller said.

"It gives a visual indication to stay away from the dog. We want to get it happening in Broken Hill."

Mrs Miller said it had been proven in other places to reduce problems with dogs.

"Yellow is easy to recognise and when it is on, people can see there is an issue with that dog," she said.

"It doesn't mean that a dog is vicious but that it shouldn't be approached."

This could mean it is old and suffering from arthritis, or that it may be scared in new surroundings, or in season or over-excitable.

"The dog could even be deaf and they need to be approached in a different way," Mrs Miller said.

"People should always take care around dogs, but it is the owner's way of saying they have taken extra responsibility to ensure their dog is safe."

Mrs Miller said if people see a dog with yellow on it, they should give it a wide berth.

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