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Dogs down game Magpies

Monday, 27th May, 2013

Hold that pose! North’s Jayden Kelly (left) and Anthony Henderson appear to be looking straight at the photographer in this shot from Saturday’s game. Hold that pose! North’s Jayden Kelly (left) and Anthony Henderson appear to be looking straight at the photographer in this shot from Saturday’s game.

By Balldock

North recorded a hard-fought 29-point win over a much-improved Central on Saturday.

Both sides throughout the game played some quality football and showed their fighting qualities and a 'never give in' attitude.

But it was North's superior midfield that saw them in front at the final siren.

The Magpies lost Carapelloti before the opening bounce and he was replaced by Nash. North won the toss and elected to run to the city end, giving the Magpies first use of the breeze.

Central started the better and with some clean use of the footy they jumped to a 13-point lead through goals from Berg and Jelbert. The Bulldogs resembled Private Duffy when they needed Daniel Boon; they could not hit a target either coming out of defence or going into attack.

The Magpies were relentless with the pressure that caused the Bulldogs to turn the ball over but, to North's credit, they fought hard with Borlace, Napier and Garrick shining in defence.

The Magpies had a lot of the footy but simply didn't capitalize on their opportunities in the first term.

The second began with the Bulldogs lifting the tempo with Howard, Caldwell and Kelly getting their hands on the footy. North hit the front after eight minutes with goals to Vella and Howard.

Central's reply was swift with Schinckel regaining the lead. But at this stage the Bulldogs hit top gear - five unanswered goals saw them jump to a 24-point lead. Caldwell kicked two and

North finished with 7-2 for the term while restricting the Magpies to just 1-2.

Up to half time 9-3 had been kicked to the Essential Energy end and only 1-3 to the city end of the ground.

After a couple of early chances went begging for the Magpies it was North who kicked the third term opener through Henderson to extend the margin to 28 points.

The Magpies needed a lift and with goals to Paull and McClure the margin was back to 16 points. Central continued to attack and after eight minutes of pressure football their reward was just three behinds and the lead cut to 13 points. But the Magpies looked back in the contest.

It was time for North to dig deep and they did with goals to Johnson, Henderson and Caldwell. In a flash to margin was out to 32 points. With the game slowly slipping away from the Magpies they again dug deep and a long bomb from Zanette was enough to inspire them to finish the term with goals to Camilleri, Zanette and McClure.

The Magpies now trailed by just eight points with one term remaining and it was again game on.

The final quarter started with both sides knowing the importance of the first goal and it was the Bulldogs who grabbed the early ascendancy with goals to Vella and Billings. Now the margin was 21 points.

The Magpies had shown all day that they were not going to go down without a fight and a goal to Camilleri reduced the lead to 15 points after only gone six minutes.

The Bulldogs rallied through the middle stages of the term with goals to Billings and Henderson (2) and the lead was 35 points. Again the Magpies showed determination with goals to Schinckel and Camilleri to get within 21 points.

It was the Bulldogs' turn to again respond and they did through Caldwell who kicked two goals and the North lead was again out past five goals.

But wait - there's more. The Magpies had one final attempt. Schinckel and Beven posted majors to get the margin below four goals, but when Mannion goaled for North the contest had run its course and the Bulldogs were home by 29 points. Both sides can take a fair bit out of the game. It was hard-fought for most of the day with some great fast-flowing football.

With the breeze favoring the northern end it was no wonder that 23-13 was scored there and only 8-5 was scored at the city end.

North: 0-1 (1) 7-3 (45) 11-5 (71) 19-9 (123)

Central: 2-1 (13) 3-3 (21) 9-9 (63) 14-10 (94)

Best Players:

North - C. Howard, J.Kelly, H. Caldwell, M. Garrick, A. Henderson, T. Hack.

Central - B. Zanette, J. McClure, J.Paull, M.Randell, L. Jenkin, D. Schinckel,


North - H. Caldwell 5, A. Henderson 4, C. Billings 2, J. Vella 2, C.Howard, J. Kelly, M. Garrick, Q. Beaven, B. Johnson, B. Mannion.

Central - D. Schinckel 3, B. Camilleri 3, J. McClure 2, B. Zanette 2, A. Berg, C. Jelbert, J. Paull, S. Beven.


North 8-6 (54) Central 7-5 (47)


Central 3-6 (24) North 3.2 (20)

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