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Give a pet a home and make it a good one

Tuesday, 28th May, 2013

Zyzz, a nine-month-old mastiff cross, is looking for a home. Zyzz, a nine-month-old mastiff cross, is looking for a home.

By Emily Roberts

RSPCA shelter manager Merridy Wall is reminding people that having a pet is a lifetime commitment.

The RSPCA has a number of older dogs that are looking for a home as well as lots of cats that are still available at half price.

“We don’t have a huge amount of dogs,” Ms Wall said. “We have a staffie cross, a heeler, a few little dogs including some terrier crosses. We really have a mix at the moment.

“But nearly all of them are older; we don’t have many puppies.”

Ms Wall said people don’t often realise what they are getting into when buying a dog.

“A pet is a lifetime commitment. It doesn’t matter the breed or size; they still need basic training,” she said.

Without basic training, a dog can develop bad habits, Ms Wall said.

“They can become bored and be destructive,” she said.

Ms Wall said one of the dogs needing a home was Maddie “our golden oldie. “Maddie is nine years old but she’s not in spirit. She is full of beans.”

Maddie is a mastiff-cross and was originally from the RPSCA. She was adopted out but her owner got too sick to look after her.

“She has basic manners and is good for anyone looking for an older dog. She is friendly and likes to go for walks.”

The other dog is nine-month-old Zyzz, also a mastiff-cross.

“He was surrendered after being left with older people. This dog is very active and needs someone with a bit of experience in training

“He is quite sweet and quite a nice dog. He can be very playful but he responds well to training.”

Maddie cost $100 to adopt and Zyzz $280 - this includes micro chipping, worming, desexing and vaccinations.

Desexing cats is also very important.

“We have lots of cats here,” Ms Wall said. “The half price special has been extended until the end of June. Everywhere in NSW is having the same problem - there are too many cats.”

“Desexing is a big must. You might think you want to have a litter of kittens and that you will find homes for them, but they go off and breed.

“Most times they end up here.”

For more information call the RSPCA on 8087 7753.

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