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Enter the shadow realm

Tuesday, 16th July, 2013

A silhouette by Sharon Matthies from a previous ABC Open workshop. A silhouette by Sharon Matthies from a previous ABC Open workshop.

ABC Open is inviting all to experience an overnight ‘silhouettes and shadows’ photography workshop at Eldee Station.

Participants will learn about camera settings and techniques, receive advice on taking photographs, improve your photos in post-production, and share them with the rest of Australia through the ABC.

The August theme for ABC Open’s Snapped project is calling for interesting photos of silhouettes and shadows, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to capture some spectacular images late afternoon and early morning during the overnight stay.

Eldee Station is located on the Mundi Mundi Plains and Barrier Ranges, 60km from Broken Hill, and has been a popular set for film shoots because of the blue azure skies and the red purple hues of the Barrier Ranges and Mundi Mundi Plains.

There is also a selection of walks and a pastoral museum to be explored along with many built and natural objects included in its photogenic landscape.

All food and accommodation is provided onsite. 

Contact Jenia Ratcliffe on  8082 4024 to book your place in the workshop, and call Naomi Schmidt on 8091 2578 to book your accommodation.

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