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Drilling reveals high-grade copper

Wednesday, 17th July, 2013

A map showing the location of Impact’s high-grade copper find. A map showing the location of Impact’s high-grade copper find.

By Erica Visser

A mining company has found high-grade copper sitting in a hundred-year-old mine just outside the city.

Impact Minerals Limited formally acquired rights for the Broken Hill project last month, which covered 140 square kilometres.

However, it did not know that the Red Hill Mine site, 15 kilometres east of the city, may prove viable.

Around 500 tonnes of ore was mined at the Red Hill site between 1906 and 1937.

There is also mineralisation near the mine which had not yet been drill-tested in previous exploration attempts.

The company’s Managing Director Dr Mike Jones said that the results from around 70 rock chip samples taken at the area were a pleasant surprise.

“The results show previous rock chip samples which did return a high-grade copper, platinum and nickel, that’s new information we’ve unearthed so it was a very nice surprise.

“The area has not been drilled; it’s a priority area for us to follow. There will be an extensive drill-out later in the year.”

Dr Jones said that the mine was abandoned because equipment was not sophisticated enough to process the mineral in the early 1900s.

“Back in the old days, they couldn’t process the ore very well, it got forgotten about and was a little bit of work to do, but it remains a very good target,” he said.

While exploration and drilling results often came back fruitless, Dr Jones said that the company was looking in the right place.

“Finding a mine is a rare thing but drilling around the head frame is often the best place to look first.

“An area like Broken Hill is quite well-explored and we’re going to extend on that known mineralisation, so I’m confident.”

Dr Jones said the project increased Impact’s confidence in the Broken Hill Project as a whole.

“These new findings at the Red Hill prospect, which we were unaware of when we purchased the joint venture rights to the project, have confirmed our view that the Broken Hill Project is highly prospective for high grade copper, nickel and platinum mineralisation and further complement the high grade platinum and palladium results returned from the nearby Mulga Springs Prospect.

“Given that there are a few tens of kilometres of untested strike of the ultramafic intrusions elsewhere within the Broken Hill project area, I am confident that the ongoing review will only lead to further exciting results for shareholders.”

Impact also has a current nickel-copper project in Western Australia and others in Botswana, South Africa.

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