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Wednesday, 17th July, 2013

Some of the action from the event at the Golf Club track. Some of the action from the event at the Golf Club track.

By Mountain Goat

Near perfect conditions greeted the 21 riders who made the start line for the BHMTB Club’s event on Sunday, June 23 at the Golf Club (Rock Ridge & Vu Loop Circuit).

The race started with a lap of the Junior Short course track before continuing onto the course proper.

This enabled riders to sort themselves out before getting into the more technical areas of the track.

Rod “Rocket” Lambert managed to get a flat tyre before seeing any real technical rocky stuff, effectively putting an end to his race.

Matt “BigMatt” Jones had navigational issues after exiting Rock Ridge on the first lap and imposed a time penalty on himself.

Post race he vowed to get to more pre race briefings and complete an intensive Bear Grills navigational session in preparation for the next race.

Les “Bling” Borchard lined up on his new self built Dual Suspension bike for its first race hit out.

The new bike had an instant impact and Les rode solidly to finish second overall. Well done Budgie.

Megan “don’t stir her up” Algate, who finished 5th overall is managing to shut more and more mouths with her improving form.

One person in particular is having huge regrets after his antics at the 2012 presentation night. I think he likened it to sticking your finger in a bull ants’ nest ... OUCH!

Steve “Ram-Ewe” Chinner was quickest once again and certainly isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

In B Grade Phil “4getmenot” Dupal, came out to ride his final race with the club after nine years.

He was hoping to go out with a victory in the category but Craig “Caaarrrlton Supporter” Olsen had other ideas.

I’m sure he figured, if his footy team couldn’t give him that winning feeling then he would have to go out and do it himself.

In the Junior girls division the Olsen girls had a neck and neck battle, with Siarrah managing to hold out Oakleigh by just 8 seconds.

Holy Borchard had a great ride finishing third. Keep up the good work girls.

Oscar Jones, who was riding in the Junior boys division, rode two laps of the senior’s track (minus Rock Ridge).

He finished his 2 laps in a smoking hot time of 1hr 16min 19sec. Well done Oscar.

Ryan Borchard rode very well on “Dad’s old bike” to complete 6 laps of the junior track in just over 39 min and Danyan Olsen, from the “Olsen Stables” rounded out the podium with a fine effort.

The Club’s next event will be held on the 9 Mile Extension track Sunday, July 21. The start/finish is located about one kilometre from the fringe of town on the 9 Mile Road.

Just look for the club trailer on the right-hand side of road.

The course is a relatively easy track to ride, great for first timers (clockwise direction).

Rego from 9-9.45am. Race starts at 10am.


MEN’S A GRADELap 1Lap 2Lap 3

101 STEVE CHINNER 0:03:28 0:03:28 0:33:04 0:29:36 1:05:08 0:32:04

104 LES BORCHARD 0:03:32 0:03:32 0:36:37 0:33:05 1:10:11 0:33:34

102 BENNY GOODMAN 0:03:36 0:03:360:37:10 0:33:34 1:11:06 0:33:56

105 DAVID STEPHENSON 0:03:53 0:03:53 0:38:02 0:34:09 1:11:32 0:33:30

115 MEGAN ALGATE 0:03:58 0:03:58 0:38:29 0:34:31 1:13:12 0:34:43

117 TONY HEPBURN 0:03:44 0:03:440:38:14 0:34:30 1:13:16 0:35:02

106 TREVOR BARRIE 0:03:50 0:03:50 0:38:49 0:34:59 1:14:37 0:35:48

112 NICK ALGATE 0:03:51 0:03:51 0:39:59 0:36:08 1:17:19 0:37:20

117 PAUL ELSTON 0:04:01 0:04:01 0:42:39 0:38:38 1:21:44 0:39:05

114 MATT JONES 0:03:29 0:03:29 0:34:38 0:31:09 1:09:54 0:35:16



MEN’S B GRADELap 1Lap 2Lap 3

203 CRAIG OLSEN 0:04:35 0:04:35 0:44:33 0:39:58 1:26:11 0:41:38

212 PHIL DUPAL 0:04:54 0:04:54 0:49:06 0:44:12 1:36:25 0:47:19

217 RICHARD WALKER 0:04:33 0:04:33 0:49:18 0:44:45 1:36:34 0:47:16

118 TONY RAC 0:04:18 0:04:18 0:56:52 0:52:34 DNF


403 SIARRAH OLSEN 5 Laps0:42:30 0:42:30 0:09:15 

404 OAKLEIGH OLSEN 5 Laps 0:42:38 0:42:38 0:09:21

402 HOLLY BORCHARD 3 Laps 0:29:30


403 OSCAR JONES 2 Laps 1:16:19 LONG TRACK

401 RYAN BORCHARD 6 Laps 0:39:18 0:07:17 0:32:47 0:06:25 0:39:18 0:06:31

402 DANYAN OLSEN 1 Lap 0:08:23

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