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It’s gonna be dog-gone cold

Saturday, 20th July, 2013

Rupert the dog keeps the biting cold at bay with his winter woollies.  PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt Rupert the dog keeps the biting cold at bay with his winter woollies.  PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt

By By Erica Visser

Say goodbye to the mild temperatures of the past few days, because the weekend is set to be chilly.

With a forecast of strong winds and a maximum of 11 degrees, it would be a good time to relax indoors.

Tomorrow is expected to pick up slightly, but will still have an overcast sky.

The cold snap is being created by a strong cold front that began moving into the region on Thursday.

Local weather recorder Phil Mew said that we could blame Antarctica for the cold front.

“It’s only a very slow warming process because this air is coming up from Antarctica and it’s extremely cold,” Mr Mew said.

“It is still a possibility we could get showers up this way. There is a 65 per cent chance that they will extend this far over the weekend.

“There is extreme shower activity down to the South-West of us at the moment.”

Mr Mew said that cold snaps were likely during the winter months, but this season had been particularly volatile.

“During winter these types of systems can come and rip through very quickly and then, bang, you get hit.

“One thing people have noticed this year is that the almond blossoms came out at the start of July. I’ve never seen this, it always happens at the end of July, the poor old tree doesn’t even know what’s happening.

“It’s down to the sea surface temperatures which are around about 2.6 degrees warmer than in a normal year, which has thrown everything out.”

Mr Mew said that it was not the last time that residents would need to suddenly rug up this season.

“The pressure systems that are going through are going fairly quickly so we’ll have several days of lovely, warm temperatures where everyone sheds their clothes, then it’ll suddenly drop. This won’t be the only case this winter.”

However, it is expected to gradually warm up throughout the working week.

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