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Mine rates appeal judgement reserved

Wednesday, 24th July, 2013

By Erica Visser

It could be five months before the result of a State Government appeal against Perilya’s land valuation is announced.

In October, the Land and Environment Court (LEC) found that the Government’s Valuer-General had massively over-valued Perilya’s local operations in 2007.

The mining company then demanded City Council refund almost $7 million in excess rates paid between 2007 and 2010.

Council has been in a state of limbo ever since and was waiting on the Government appeal for future direction.

However, the judgment on the case was yesterday reserved in the Sydney Court of Appeals.

It will take between one and five months for a verdict to be handed down.

Mayor Wincen Cuy attended the hearing as a representative for Broken Hill.

However, he last night said he was “none the wiser” having done so.

“It was a day that totally confused me and totally bamboozled me,” Mayor Cuy said.

“It’s a very complicated and complex issue.”

The parties spent several hours putting forward their case and Mayor Cuy said that much time was spent discussing the legalities of the matter.

After October’s appeal, Council was on the outer and was not informed about the case until approached by Perilya after the verdict.

Mayor Cuy said that this time Council would keep up-to-date through the Valuer-General’s Office.

“We will be talking to the Valuer-General’s people today and we will ask them to keep us informed,” he said.

Once a judgment has been reached, both Perilya and the Valuer-General will be informed directly.

Mayor Cuy was hoping for a verdict yesterday, however he said that the outcome could not be helped.

“It’s the process it has to go through, unfortunately. We don’t have any part in the hearings and we have no control.”

He said that it was not known where this would leave Council’s operational plan for 2013/2014.

“We really don’t know. This could be resolved earlier than expected, in four weeks.

“It’s really in limbo and we can only take the judgment as we find it.”

The issue is expected to be raised at Council’s July meeting next week.

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