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Manager wasn’t herself

Thursday, 25th July, 2013

Ann Rogers is sending out a warning after a scammer impersonated her online. Ann Rogers is sending out a warning after a scammer impersonated her online.

By Erica Visser

Will the real Ann Rogers please stand up?

The Robinson College manager has been the victim of identity theft after a Facebook page claiming to be Ms Rogers’ tried to scam money from friends and relatives.

Ms Rogers, who has a private Facebook page, said that people began to contact her a fortnight ago to tell her something was suspicious.

“A couple of weeks ago somebody inboxed me on my Facebook page and asked why I was sending out friend requests from another page,” she said.

“All of a sudden everyone was asking me if it was me on this other account.

“I reported it and didn’t think anything of it.”

The fake account even used a picture and details about Ms Rogers and began to start conversations with friends using the online private chat messaging tool.

The fake user told them that she had received a $40,000 grant at Robinson College and they could financially benefit if they sent their bank details to a given email address.

“I think what really threw people was the fact that ‘I’ was having a conversation with them,” she said.

“I’ve spoken to my sister-in-law who said she became suspicious when she tried to turn the online conversation to talk about family and ‘I’ kept turning it back to how she can benefit from the supposed grant money.”

Ms Rogers said that she had no idea whether the person was a local or a stranger who had uncovered her details online. 

“I don’t want to accuse anybody but it just seems really strange because I do work with grants a lot,” she said.

Ms Rogers is asking anyone who receives a request from the pseudo profile to ignore and report it.

“I’m just constantly posting a warning on my own Facebook page and I think most people are aware by now.”

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