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Rose muncher just acting the goat

Saturday, 3rd August, 2013

Jimbo and Gary the Goat enjoyed a milkshake at Bell’s Milk Bar after their incident in town on Thursday. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt Jimbo and Gary the Goat enjoyed a milkshake at Bell’s Milk Bar after their incident in town on Thursday. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt

By By Emily Roberts

A man and his goat have locked horns with Council workers over a rose-eating incident.

Travelling comedian Jimbo and his comedy side-kick Gary the Goat passed through town on Thursday to do a gig.

In the morning, Jimbo tied Gary up outside the library in Blende Street. Soon after, he noticed that Gary was being taken away by Council workers.

“I went into the library to do a bit of emailing. It’s just me and Gary, so I tied him out the front,” Jimbo said.

“I could see him from the window and people were walking past patting him and taking photos with him. The cops drove passed and didn’t have a problem.

“I then saw two guys dragging him down the road; one was pulling him by the horns.”

Jimbo went to investigate and said the Council workers told him that Gary was eating the roses.

“He was eating the roses but I told them it’s rose pruning season. The council guys said they knew it wasn’t right but it was the rules and they were doing what they were told.”

Jimbo said he stands his ground when it comes to Gary.

“I picked Gary up in Western Austtralia about two years ago for a case of beer. He is always in pubs getting patted, he is not a wild animal, he is tame and not aggressive. He is a nice goat - pulling him down the street was more trouble than it’s worth.”

Jimbo said he won’t let this experience stop him from coming back.

“I’ve had good experiences in Broken Hill. I think it was just the mentality - they can’t impound a goat for no reason. I didn’t feel safe, so I left and went to Wilcannia to stay the night.

“I know the guys are doing their jobs. Everyone was really cool, I look forward to coming back.”
Council’s General Manager, Therese Manns, said there were calls to remove the goat because it was unattended.

“Ensuring the safety of our residents is important to us at Council, and it is simply not acceptable for a goat to be unattended in a public space such as this where, in particular, young children are present.

“At the end of the day it is a safety concern - if I was to visit the library with my children, and there was a goat tied up out the front, the first thing they would want to do is go and pat it.

“They often don’t see the danger, and as a Council it is our responsibility to ensure their public safety when visiting our facilities.

“I would also not appreciate a goat eating the roses in my garden. Why should the gardens of our beautiful city be any different?

“That said, there has been a complaint received in relation to the manner in which Council staff addressed this situation, and like all complaints will be taken seriously and properly investigated to ensure fairness to all parties.”

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