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Corey’s bright outlook

Thursday, 8th August, 2013

Corey Hawes with wife Katrina and their children Riley (7) and Maddison (4) on a visit to Broken Hill last year. Corey Hawes with wife Katrina and their children Riley (7) and Maddison (4) on a visit to Broken Hill last year.

By Emily Roberts

After receiving treatment in Germany, cancer sufferer Corey Hawes is feeling positive and hopeful.

Corey was diagnosed as having a rare form of liver cancer, called fibrolemellar, last year and decided to forgo traditional chemotherapy treatment on offer in Australia.

Instead, he travelled to Germany where he is undergoing a new form of chemotherapy that is injected directly into the tumours.

His parents, local couple Robert and Michelle Hawes, have received a lot of community support to help Corey.

A number of fundraisers have been held in Newcastle, where Corey lives now, and in Broken Hill.

Corey recently returned home from Germany where he was being treated at the Hallwang Oncology Clinic.

“I’ve been back now for just over two weeks and things are going great. This is the best I have felt in 12 months and I’m able to do things I haven’t been able to do in a long time,” he said.

“I’ve been spending some very special time with the family. We went to Melbourne for only three days after my marathon flights home but we all had a great time.

“We watched Liverpool play at the MCG with a crowd of 95,000 people. It was a brilliant trip away.

“Things went very well in Germany, the treatment was a success. My tumours have shrunk and my blood levels are dropping which indicated the treatment is working,” he said.

“The treatments was not easy. It was hard at times but worth all the pain and feeling unwell.”

Corey now plans to make another trip back to Germany in October, this time with his wife Katrina.

“It’s very tough to be there on my own, especially if I’m feeling unwell. I’m hoping this next trip will give it another good kick in the butt and I am expecting some more very good results.

“I will be having scans in about two months, so we are praying for good news and I’m confident it will be okay.

“We have received so much help and support from family, friends and even strangers, it’s been very overwhelming.”

The BDT has run a number of fundraisers to support Corey and the next will be a Father’s Day raffle.

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