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Planting the seed for a greener city

Friday, 9th August, 2013

Martin Hogan and friends at last year’s National Tree Day. Martin Hogan and friends at last year’s National Tree Day.

Just for a change, why not turn off the TV on Sunday morning, get out in the sun and plant a tree?

You can plant one of your own or go down to Queen Elizabeth Park where you can join a bunch of other people planting trees with City Council.

The day starts at 10am and it is all part of National Tree Day. 

“We’re inviting all residents of Broken Hill and outlying areas to get outside and connect with nature by participating in National Tree Day,” said Shane Stenhouse, Council’s Assets Planner of Parks and Gardens 

“It’s simple, fun and has great environmental and health benefits for our community,” Mr Stenhouse said.

The activities are also part of a milestone event, as Planet Ark and sponsor Toyota Australia prepare to plant the 20-millionth seedling since tree day began in 1996. 

“In addition to attending our local community event, residents can also plant in their own backyards, courtyard gardens, balconies or green spaces,” said Mr Stenhouse 

National Tree Day is Australia’s largest tree-planting and nature care event. Each year more than 200,000 people take part in National Tree Day events at thousands of sites organised by councils, schools, businesses, communities and Toyota Dealers across the country. 

It all helps to address important environmental issues like the loss of habitat for native wildlife, soil salinity and erosion, but just getting outside is good for you, too. 

“Aussies are spending more and more time inside and in front of a screen, disconnected from the natural world, but research from here and overseas show there are real health and wellbeing benefits associated with spending time outside and in contact with nature,” said National Tree Day Manager Debbie Agnew. 

(To register your personal site or find out more, visit www.treeday.planetark.org). 

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