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Robins overrun Magpies

Monday, 12th August, 2013

West’s Darren Zanette looks to clear the backline. West’s Darren Zanette looks to clear the backline.

By By Balldock

By Balldock

The Robins scored a hard fought 59 point victory on Saturday over a Central side that simply ran out of legs.

A shortage of players in the reserves saw players double up to the League side in an unfortunate situation for the Magpies.

I just wonder if the Magpies were finals bound would they still be in this situation?

When you see the likes of Ben Camilleri playing on one leg and the coach running around with an obvious injury, who would you count on when things get a bit tough?

West made hard work of the victory with some wayward kicking going inside their forward 50, and their decision making also fell well short of expectations.

While the Robins always looked in control it was an 18-minute burst in the last quarter that put the issue beyond doubt as the Robins kicked six goals to one.

The Magpies lost Morrison, Bressanelli and Dwyer before the opening bounce and they were replaced by Zanker, Camilleri and Hinton.

The Robins attacked from the opening bounce and with some excellent ball use Liam King took a sven-point lead.

The Magpies hit back minutes later when Balchin goaled and the margin was one point, but with the Robins starting to get on top in some key positions they posted two goals in two minutes to race to a 14 point lead.

The Robins had increased the tempo of the game and the Magpies had no answer and a fourth goal for the term would stretch the margin out to 20 points.

The men in red and black were relentless in the closing stages of the term but they went unrewarded with four straight behinds, enough to take a 24 point lead into the first break.

It was a good term for the Robins with Smith dominating up forward, Kickett playing well from the middle, and Rose and Teelow solid across half back.

The Robins started the second term in impressive style with goals to Martin and Milne and the margin was out to 36 points. The Pies had a few rare entries forward but they also went unrewarded with three behinds added to the tally.

With some slick ball movement the ball then found its way to Smith who kicked his second and the lead was now 41 points.

Against the trend the Magpies found some momentum and late goals to Heath and Camilleri reduced the margin to 29 points at the long break.

The Robins started the second half with Smith going into the back half and his defensive game was just as effective.

West again received the perfect start with Rose kicking truly to extend the margin to 34 points. The Magpies tightened the contest up a little when Heath kicked his second, but minutes later the Robins kicked their second for the term through Milne.

Both sides had to work hard as the contest became a slog.  Camilleri was on one leg but it was still enough to cause the Robins some alarm and when he kicked his second the margin was cut to 26 points.

The game wasnít pretty the Robins were doing enough to keep the Magpies at bay but that did not impress the West coaching staff. At the last break it was the Robins by 27 points.

The final term commenced with the Magpies going straight into attack with Paull goaling inside the opening minute to give the struggling Magpies a little hope. But the response was quick from the Robins with Kickett kicking his first for the day.

It was enough to deflate the Magpies and the Robins went on the attack with four goals in six minutes to put this game firmly in the Robins’ keeping as the lead was out to 54 points.

Balchin kicked a consolation goal for the Magpies before twinkle toes McInnes kicked his second and Tonkin closed out the game with his second for the day to seal a 59 point victory.

Final score:

West: 16.13 (109) defeated Central 7.8 (50)

Best Players

West: B. Rose, N. Kickett, G. Conway, H. Teelow, D. Milne, C. Smith.

Central:M. Randall, M. Anderson, M. Muscat, J. Masclet, K. Balchin, J. Heath.


West: C. Smith 3, J. Tonkin 2, R. McInnes 2, D. Milne 2, L. King 1, B. King 1, S. Hall 1, B. Martin 1, B.Rose 1, N. Kickett 1, H. Teelow 1,

Central:K. Balchin 2, J. Heath 2, B. Camilleri 2, J. Paull 1.


West 14.12 (96)

Central 6.6 (42) 


Central  22.12 (144)

West 1.0 (6)

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