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Tuesday, 13th August, 2013

Three men forced their way into a house in South Broken Hill on Sunday night in what police described yesterday as a “serious” matter.

It happened about 11.20 when the men broke in through front door of the house in King Street.

A 20-year-old man and a girl (16) were home at the time, police said.

Two of the men went inside, claiming to be looking for stolen property, they said.  

The intruders left a short time later but, soon after, a white coloured utility with a silver-coloured flat tray back was seen to drive past the home and then speed off.  

Police are still trying to identify the culprits although they had a much easier time catching a thief who had broken into cars in Railwaytown on the weekend.

The man stole a mobile phone and was arrested the next day after he advertised it for sale on the internet.

The phone was taken from an unlocked car on Saturday evening and then appeared on “Broken Hill Buy Swap and Sell”.

Police saw the ad and arrested the 21-year-old local man at his home in Beryl Street on Sunday afternoon.

He was also found in possession of a number of other items including a laptop computer that had been reported stolen from the car in Ryan Street.

Police said yesterday that he admitted to having broken into five cars on Saturday night.  

They said he got into the Subaru Forester about 6.30pm and stole a handbag, two purses, two mobile phones and a charger, a pair of headphones, and the computer and mouse.  

Shortly after that he walked to Nicholls Street where he broke into another car, stealing a GPS, a car phone charger, a bag of coins and another set of headphones.  

Police said he told them that all of the cars he broke into had been left unlocked and parked on or near the street.  

Because of this, some of car owners might not even have known that they had been robbed, the police said.

He will now face the Local Court charged with two counts of theft and two of entering a vehicle without the consent of the owner.  

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