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Help with power bills

Tuesday, 27th April, 2010

Local families and seniors are being urged to check if they are eligible to receive help from the NSW Government with their energy bills.

One in three households will be eligible to receive a $145 energy rebate from July 1. MLC Tony Catanzariti said the NSW Government had recently expanded the criteria for this rebate, and indexed it to rise with energy prices. "Families and seniors in financial crisis may also be eligible for vouchers worth up to $480 to help pay their bills," he said. "The NSW Government's Medical Energy Rebate and Life Support Rebate provide help with energy bills for people with certain medical conditions," Mr Catanzariti said. The NSW Government has also introduced new rules to make it harder for energy companies to disconnect customers. If customers feel they are not being treated fairly by their energy supplier, they should contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman on 1800 246 545 or visit www.ewon.com.au. Families and seniors can also visit the www.savepower.nsw.gov.au website or call 1300 361 967 for handy hints on how to save money. "It is also important to understand that energy prices may not rise by 60 per cent, as has been reported," he said. "On July 1, Country Energy's regulated tariff will increase by 12.7 per cent. This is the only certain increase." Further increases are dependent on the passage of the Commonwealth Government's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), and the Commonwealth Government has committed to providing assistance to households if the CPRS does pass.

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