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It’s bin a wild day of weather

Tuesday, 1st October, 2013

Fallen wheelie bins along Sulphide Street yesterday. Fallen wheelie bins along Sulphide Street yesterday.

By Kurtis J Eichler

Wheelie bins copped a hiding yesterday as fierce gusts of winds howled through Broken Hill leaving a trail of mess in its path.

The dry and dusty conditions blew dust across the city and toppled empty rubbish bins on most streets as it picked up pace in the afternoon.

Weatherzone recorded wind speeds topping 60km/h around midday and easing to about 37km/h in the late afternoon.

The temperature also topped 35C with a low of 18C in the evening.

The State Emergency Service was kept busy, attending to six call outs for everything from branch trimming to damaged rooves and fences.

“There’s been a couple of loose iron fences and loose iron on rooves,” SES controller Steve Moore said. “We had one house where the wind bent the gates a bit.”

Mr Moore said the 10 volunteers were coping well with the workload.

“We’ve had nothing that’s overwhelmed us.”

Winds are expected to keep belting the city this week but the temperature is expected to drop to the low to high 20s.

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