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Driving residents crazy

Monday, 21st October, 2013

The car that was pushed onto the curb by a speeding car that lost control in Mica Street. The car that was pushed onto the curb by a speeding car that lost control in Mica Street.

By By Emily Roberts

Complaints of hoon driving isn’t a surprise to local police, as many drivers don’t follow the road rules.

Locals are getting fed up with hoon drivers, according to Barrier Local Area Command, crime manager Mick Stoltenberg.

DI Stoltenberg said some drivers in Broken Hill don’t respect the road rules.

“Hoon driving doesn’t surprise me, a number of people choose to drive as if they are on a racetrack,” he said.

“We receive plenty of complaints, quite rightly, and people have had a gutful.”

Det. Insp. Stoltenberg said it is important for people to report hoon driving to police.

“They also need to be able to supply a statement and go along to court to help prosecute offenders,” he said.

“If police witness the offence, they can take action but when they don’t; we need witnesses.”

These comments have come after a Mica Street resident raised the issue of dangerous driving.

She said dangerous driving has been growing.

“The road works have been going on at the Oxide Street/Lane Street intersection,” she said.

“As a result people are using Mica Street, which started off alright but has slowly turned into a nightmare.

“We have had street racing, burn outs, speeding and an incident of somebody almost getting hit by a car.”

She said the residents of Mica Street are constantly reporting the incidents to police.

“It seems to be falling on deaf ears, we have seen no extra police presence,” she said.

“We just hope that it doesn’t take some innocent person to be killed for them to realise how serious this is.”

Recently a car was parked out the front of the woman’s home and was crashed into by another car.

“Two cars were chasing each other down Mica Street and one lost control,” she said.

“It crashed into the parked car causing it to mount the curb. The car then sped off, witnesses were able to get the number plates but nothing has been done about it.”

DI Stoltenberg said now that the issue has been raised with him, he will see that patrols are increased.

“I will pass this onto the staff in the command and there will be an increase in patrols.”

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