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South trash

Saturday, 26th October, 2013

A giant pile of trash was illegally dumped at the end of Morish Street, in clear view.  PICTURE: Darrin Manuel A giant pile of trash was illegally dumped at the end of Morish Street, in clear view. PICTURE: Darrin Manuel

By By Erica Visser

Evidence points to dirty Northie

Dirty nappies, cat food tins, bandaids and beer cans formed part of an enormous pile of rubbish that was carelessly dumped on Morish Street this week.

The trash was placed in clear view at the end of South’s Morish Street and also contained old furniture, a fishing rod, cigarette packets, pizza boxes and unwanted children’s toys.

An angry nearby resident rang to BDT to express his dismay at the “blatant” act and urged the offender to come clean.

“There are a few other piles of rubbish out there, but this one is openly blatant,” he said.

“These people are absolute pigs. They didn’t even bother to go out into the scrub, it is just dumped right in the middle of the road.

“The Council should be able to hunt through this rubbish and find out who it is.”

According to the man, the rubbish had been left at the site within the last 48 hours.

Personal documents, uncovered by the BDT within in the pile, pointed to the owner being a Wyman Street resident.

Outspoken South Broken Hill resident Allan Tucker said that people from the North had been trashing the South for far too long.

“Why would you want to drive over the hill to dump rubbish? We already cop everything, this is the last thing we need,” Mr Tucker said.

“I can’t believe somebody would do that, go out to the South when the dump is close by and there’s no fee or limits on it.”

Mr Tucker, a former councillor, said that he had once fought against a proposed fee for local depot and locals should appreciate its availability.

“The general manager at the time, James Hall, brought forward a motion for a levy on the dumping of rubbish at the tip,” he said.

“We fought hammer and tooth to make sure that didn’t happen. The Council also has big dumpers around town that can be used.”

Mr Tucker said that ratepayers would be the ones suffering, as Council workers would be faced with the ordeal of cleaning up the mess.

“I hope that this information is passed onto Council and they approach this person to fine them.

“Cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish is not something that Council employees should be doing.

“This person was silly enough to leave their details in the pile and I hope they face the consequences.”

The BDT was unable to contact City Council to report the pile of trash yesterday afternoon.

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