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Last drinks for Trinders

Saturday, 26th October, 2013

By By Erica Visser

It’s been 13 years since David and Maryanne Trinder bought a rundown Oxide Street building with dreams of turning it into a big city-style, upmarket hotel and bar.

The result was success but now, as the Astra Boutique Hotel and Red Lush Bar continue to peak, the couple is looking to give the game away.

Expressions of Interest for the venue are being advertised and will close on November 20.

“It is a surreal feeling and it’s something we’ve talked about for a while, but we decided in January that the time had come that we were ready to move on,” David said.

“We feel so proud of this place so it is hard to detach from it, but I can’t keep putting in the amount of time that it really needs to take off to its full potential.”

The four-and-a-half star hotel features a restaurant, alfresco dining, bar and cocktail lounge.

But according to David, there’s still potential to be tapped into.

David and Maryanne have worked in hospitality together for decades, starting off as teenagers in a Perth hotel.

David had lived in Perth since the age of 13 after his family migrated from Southern India.

But the Silver City has been home for over 30 years and he and Maryanne have taken on a multitude of establishments,from a pancake parlour to fine dining, as well as raising children Emily and Josiah.

“When I first came here there was nowhere that offered alfresco dining and no restaurant stayed open past eight,” David said.

“We opened Alfresco’s, across the road, in 1985 and people weren’t sure it would last. But look at it now, it’s thriving.”

The couple sold Alfresco’s three years ago but the Astra was always the “jewel in the crown,” David said.

“We’ll always be in hospitality. Maryanne is a chef too and plans to stay involved with the industry.”

David, however, has his sights set on developing community projects at the Liberty Church where he is a minister.

“I’m a visionary ... There are a lot of new projects I see on the horizon,” he said.

“Time is moving fast ... While I’m not too old yet, I need to do what I am called to do outside (of the Astra); it’s a lifestyle change.”

The birth of the couple’s first granddaughter, Amity (13 months) also played a role in the decision to sell.

But what type of buyer are the Trinders hoping to attract?

“We’ve just put out our feelers for now, we’re not busting our boilers just yet,” he said.

“Ideally I’d love someone locally ... someone who is passionate, entrepreneurial but has management skills.

“It can be scary, but I’m happy to help as much as possible.”

The couple has not given a price for the venue in a bid to avoid “overstating or understating” its worth.

Fellow iconic venue, the Royal Exchange Hotel, sold for $1.5 million last year.

In the meantime, David is continuing “business as usual” with advertising in full swing, a new menu set to be introduced and fresh cocktail deals for the Bar.

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